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Arrow of Light Scouting

Once a boy has completed his Webelos rank requirements or a new boy joins Cub Scouting in the fifth grade, he may work on Arrow of Light requirements Like all other new Cub Scouts, a Arrow of Life Scout must first earn his Bobcat rank. After completing the requirements for Bobcat he may go on to complete the requirements for the Arrow of Light rank and the many electives that are offered for his rank.
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Arrow of Light Ceremony

Arrow of Light Ceremony May 2018

Cub Scout Pack 88 

Shanghai China


Ceremony Table on Stage with AOL awards and pins; AOL Ceremonial Board with the following candles: 

Blue – representing the Spirit of Cub Scouting 

Yellow – representing the Arrow of Light Award 

Green – Representing the Boy Scouts

White – Representing the Spirit of Scouting 

Red – Representing the journey through cub scouts

Red, Blue, yellow, green and white face paint 



Lighter / text (see below) 

slides: Arrow of Light; Scout Oath and Law - HP

AOL Cards, Badges, Pins : 

Arrows - AOL parent to get 

Printed version of this script - HP



Cubmaster – Jack 

Assistant Cubmaster: Henricus 

AOL recipients and their parents 




Introduction, Cub Scouts standing in dens, ask the parents of the AOL candidates to join their cub scouts on stage (Henricus to warn them in advance); parents stand behind their cub scouts...:


Arrow of Light Ceremony


Tonight you are going to witness the most honored ceremony in Cub Scouting, the ARROW OF LIGHT Ceremony. We ask for absolute silence throughout this Ceremony. 





·       Hoi Yiu Solomon Chan

·       John Chow

·       Marcus Chu Hin Luen

·       Jonathan Kai Rui Ong

·       Eddie Jiaji Tang

·       Samuel CK Yung

·       Ee Tao Chen

·       Nicolas Chung

·       Kwok Cheuk Yiu

·       Ronald Man

·       Ryan Man

·       Marcus Haoyi Yan Schoenharl

    Egbert Kam Hin Tse

·       Gabriel Thomas Woodard


Tonight is your final night as a Cub Scout.  Over the past years, you have grown as a Cub Scout, learning new skills, meeting new friends, and having adventures here in Shanghai and beyond.  Tonight we celebrate your accomplishment, and look forward to the challenges and adventures that await you.







ACM (Henricus) escorts Boys and Parents earning AOL and their Parents to walk onto STAGE 


AOL= Arrow of Light


HP: The Arrow of Light is much more difficult to obtain than a belt loop, an Activity Pin or even one of the other rank patches. To obtain this award, these scouts have met a number of requirements, including completion of eight activity pins, participation in camps, hikes and Boy Scout activities, the memorization of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law, and the commitment to live by the principles. Arrow of Light will you please stand at attention, salute your audience and recite the Scout Oath and Scout Law in unison. 


Many moons ago, you entered the Cub Pack. The first challenges you encountered were the challenges of the Bobcat and the Tiger …TIGERS PLEASE STAND. As you met them on the plains, you learned what it means to be a Cub, you learned the Law of the Pack, and the three words that would inspire you to meet all other challenges: 


All say together: Do Your Best.


Having started on the upward path, you were then challenged by the Wolf ….WOLVES PLEASE STAND. Here you were met with twelve trials, harder than the Bobcat tests, But with the cleverness of the wolf itself, you met them and continued on your journey upward.


As you climbed, the trail became darker and fainter, and you came upon the Bear …. BEARS PLEASE STAND. Again twelve challenges were presented before you. As you met them, your knowledge grew and your spirit strengthened. It was this strength of spirit, like the bear, that prompted you to move onward. 


As you neared the summit, you joined the Webelos … WEBELOS PLEASE STAND). The time of your testing was at hand. In the Webelos clan you began to learn about Scouting. Just as you learned the ways of the brave as a Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear, as a member of the Webelos you learned the ways of the warrior.



In time, you earned the Webelos badge, blazing the rest of the trail on your own. Now at last you have reached the summit and the end of this journey.   Now it is time to begin your crossing.



Parents, please blindfold the candidates with their AOL Neckerchief.   


AOL, do you trust your parents to guide you on this final journey to receive your Arrow of Light award? 


Cub Scouts: YES


As a Cub Scout, you have been guided through the Cub Scout Trail with the help of many Akelas. Soon, when you become a Boy Scout, you will find that, while there are still many people willing to help, you take on more and more responsibility for blazing your own trail to Eagle.  



RED (Scout to light the candle, as Henricus reads)


The red candle has represented the journey these cub scouts have taken over the last five years of cub scouting.  It was tough at times but exciting as well.    


AOL: are you proud to wear the color of red to represent your Cub Scout Journey?  




Parents, please apply the red face paint, one stripe under each eye


BLUE (Scout to light the candle, as Henricus reads)… photo of lighting of candle!


The Blue candle represents the ideals of Scouting, as embodied by the 12 points of the Scout Law. Blue represents the spirit of Cub Scouting -- the spirit of giving goodwill and doing your best.  


AOL, as we light this blue candle, do you promise to fulfill the Cub Scout Promise and the Cub Scout motto, Do Your Best, when you receive the Arrow of Light badge? 




Parents, your Webelos Scouts have faithfully promised always to keep the spirit of Cub Scouting. As their parents, do you also promise to continue to help your boy in his Scouting adventures? 


Parents:       YES 


Parents, please apply the blue paint to the scouts face as a way to remind you of the promise you have made to uphold the Scout promise and Scout Law for the rest of your life. 


WHITE (Scout to light the candle, as Henricus reads)


The white candle represents the Scout Law.  Even though youth and adult leaders will cheerfully show you the skills you need, it will be up to you to live up to the 12 points of the Scout Law. Daily you will be faced with decisions and, at times, the trail will seem most difficult to follow. Make your choices by always remembering the Scout Law, and the lighting of this candle


Parents, please apply the white paint as a symbol of this promise.  


Parents, your Cub Scout’s journey through Cub Scouts is now over.  Please remove their AOL neckerchief, as they prepare to begin their Boy Scout journey. 


AOL, before this honor is conferred upon you, I must see your devotion to the high ideals of Scouting. Therefore, I ask you all now to face the audience, raise your right hand to the Scout sign and repeat with me, the Scout Oath and Law. 


BOYS RECITE SCOUT OATH and LAW (facing the audience) 

(slide....) – PROGRAMME


On my honor / I will do my best / to do my duty / to God and my country / to obey the Scout Law / to help other people at all times / to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.


A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent 


YELLOW (Scout to light the candle, as Henricus reads)


The yellow candle stands for the Arrow of Light. Within the tepees of many braves, the Arrow of Light has an honored place. Its shaft is straight and narrow – like the path that you Scouts should follow throughout your life. Its tip points the way -- the way to success in all that you do. It is pointing to the right -- a symbol that nothing should be left undone; if it is within your power to do it, see that it is done.  We light the yellow candle to represent the Arrow of light, the very spirit of Cub Scouting.



To celebrate your achievement, and remind you of the charge I give you, I proudly give you this arrow.  Display this arrow proudly, and never forget the meaning of the arrow of light.


Jack – Cubmaster: Presentation the arrows to the scouts. 


The Arrow of Light has one more very important element, the seven rays of the sun. These rays represent the seven rays of the sun, one for each day of the week; this is to remind you that every day is a new day -- a day to Do Your Best in everything: 


  A day to honor your God and Country, 

  to do your Good Turn, 

  a new chance to follow the Scout Law 

  and to remember these words: On My Honor 


Do you promise to let the light of these arrows shine forth from you (answer YES) to set an example for others to follow in your footsteps (answer YES), to set your eye on the Eagle and never waiver?




Parents, please apply the yellow paint to show to the world this promise.


Jack, Cubmaster: Then I, Akela, have the distinct honor to say to you: You are now full-fledged brothers of the Arrow of Light!



Parents, I present to you, this coveted award, The Arrow of Light, to be placed above your scout’s right pocket.  This is the only Cub Scout award that will remain with you on your new Scout uniform, in a place of honor.


Scouts, please now present your parents, your most trustworthy and loyal Akelas, with their own Arrow of Light


Mothers please add the mother's pin to your boy, and have him pin it to his mother or father


I congratulate you on your achievements. Having finished the work for which we were called to do, I now depart this gathering of our pack. Before I go, I would remind you all to keep Akela's spirit alive. Let it ignite a spark within each of you that will fan into a fire as you grow. 

We challenge all the younger braves present to continue on your trails and strive to reach the summit and the Arrow of Light.


Bridging to Scout Troop….

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Klondike Derby

Klondike Derby 2018

Rules, Regulations, and Teams

Date: January 26-27 (optional overnight 26 Jan)

Time: 27 January 09:00 – 15:30

Location: Shanghai Yacht Club

PATROLS from Troops 12 & 969 have the option of forming teams to compete this year.


Each team supplies its own equipment!!!


These teams will be augmented by Webelos from Pack 12 and 88. Each Team will be inspected and will then be assigned to a starting point. Each team will be provided a map and after their first assignments . . . are on their own! Teams will face challenges at each station, and will earn nuggets depending on how well (or poorly) they perform each task. The team to earn the most nuggets at the end will win. Bonus nuggets will be given to the fastest team, but accuracy will count nearly as much as speed in most events.




1 team at a time per station!!! Wait if you want or move on and come back


later . . .

Scouts should display Scout Spirit at all times!!!!! Points can and will be deducted for poor Scout Spirit.

Patrols are responsible for building and bringing their own stretchers or litters, to carry their

equipment. THESE WILL NOT BE BUILT AT THE DERBY. Also, you will need your equipment to

complete several stations.



Sled Supplies for each team:

1.) Patrol roster

2.) Pen & paper

3.) Clipboard

4.) Team First-aid kit including four (4) cravats, four (4) gauze pads

5.) Two (2) pieces of wood 24” in length

6.) Lunch (individually prepared is fine)

7.) 40-50 feet of rope

8.) 2 x pocket knife

9.) 2 x tent ground sheets or tarps

10.) 4 x liters of water

11.) 1 x large blanket

12.) 1 x sleeping bag

12.) 6 x Trash bags

13.) 1 x Complete Tinder Kit

14.) 1x Medium Bag of rice

15.) At least 1 Boy Scout Handbook



Each Scout should bring:

 1.) Warm clothing

2.) Boots


3.) Wool/synthetic socks

4.) Work Gloves

5.) Rain gear

Teams are in competition to make it through 10 stations within the allotted time and earn

gold nuggets at each station.

1.) Check In: Yukon Hap’s Trading Post. Time to have your team and its equipment

inspected! You will gear up, get inspected, and head out from here!!!

2.) Fire Building: Trapped at Smoky Pass – Fire Building and String Burn

Fire is your friend and protection. Ward off Bears, Wolves and things that go bump in the

night with the smell of burning string. Use fire starting materials from your sled or from the

area around the station to get a fire started large enough to burn string well above the top of

the piled wood. You CANNOT use any materials with an accelerant, no fire starters and no

lighters. Dryer lint may be used. Three matches can be used without penalty. Using Flint and

Steel or spark producing rods can earn a bonus. Station Masters will indicate on your and their

time sheets if matches or Flint and Steel is used. Scoring: Timed event with a 1 minute

penalty for each match over 3 used.

3.) Knot Tying:

The Great Inuit Chief wants to make a trade with you, but doesn’t fully trust your skills as

outdoorsmen. You must complete several knots he identifies, earn his trust and make a

trade. Scored on accuracy, time, Scout Spirit, and use of resources. Using your manuals will

result in point deductions. Rope provided at station.

4.) Shelter Building Station:

Snow Storm at Lake DeWaal!! – Survival Tent Pitch! All of the patrol members are caught in a

sudden snowstorm. From a starting position the team must erect 2 A-frame tent shelters using

tarp and rope. When all patrol members are under the tents you are done. Scoring: Timed

Event/Scout Spirit/durability and quality of shelter.

5.) Cold Weather Injuries from the Ashby Nor’easter!!:

Two of your team members have come down with cold weather injuries! You must identify

what those injuries are based upon the clues given by the Station Chief and then treat them.

The two individuals selected as injured CANNOT help their team mates, cause their dang

teeth are a chatterin’ too much! Scored on time and accuracy.

6.) Cooking Pancake Station @ Flapjack Scott’s:

Surviving in the Klondike makes for a hungry Scout! Time to ply your trade at Flapjack Tony’s

where he’s gotta feed some hungry Yukon men. Mix up and griddle 6x pancakes (bigger than a

silver dollar) and clean up your station to earn some gold! Don’t make Flapjack Tony angry or

he’ll have you making trash pick-up runs!

7.) Cross the River with the Serum:

Townsfolk at Cookville are waiting on you to get them some medical supplies. The problem is

the ice went and melted on the Cook River!!! Using your supplies and your team skills, you’re

going to have to get across the ice flows on the river . . . WITHOUT FALLING IN! Falling in

means the WHOLE TEAM has to re-start itself. This is a timed event. Put your thinking caps

on, Scouts!

8.) White-out Walk:

A sudden White-out Snowstorm came upon your team at the junction of East Lansing and Ann

Arbor! Every member of the team is snow-blinded . . . Except one! Team members are

blindfolded, tethered together, and must be navigated through the storm following the

commands of the 1 sighted team member. Team work and time count here!

9.) Splint and Emergency Carry:

RockSlide at the Shao Chee Gap! One of your team went and busted up their leg in a

rockslide. Splint that leg and emergency carry the injured individual over to a sleeping bag

25 meters away to get some much needed rest. Use your own supplies here!

10.) Axe skills:

Time to earn some gold lumberjacking in the Great White North. Angel Falls needs some

strong backs to ply their trade cutting wood. Cut 4 pieces of good firewood and 4 pieces of

good kindling and get it over to Charles Pass to those poor souls buildin’ fires! Scored on

proper use of equipment and time.

11.) Bear Bag:

There’s bears stalking and they’re hungry. Get your grub tied up and hoisted up a tree 10’

above the ground to keep it away from those hungry critters. Scored on time and proficiency.

12.) Get back to the check in station when completed!

Klondike Schedule:

09:00-0930 Arrival

09:30 Welcoming and team INSPECTION

10:00 Derby Start from your assigned starting point

12:30 Lunch Break (Individually supplied)

15:00 Competition ends and point tallying begins

15:30 Closing ceremony and Awards (for top three teams)

PLANNING: Plan within your Patrols. Identify which Webelos will be joining you and start

communicating soon. Build your stretchers, and assign equipment responsibilities. Lastly, start

brushing up on your skills.





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